Dominique Aubry

Energetic Therapist in Plougonvelin, Brittany France

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Like many of us, I have often encountered the norms and shackles imposed by society and education. Life has responded to my rebellions with opportunities that have put me on a path with experiences quite unconventional. 


Thanks to the people I met on this path plus my personal evolution, the opportunities have always pushed me to open to the world of subtle energies. It was EFT that caught my heart the most and I enjoyed very much putting my healing life into its hands. Afer daily practice for years, I decided to take the course to be able to help others heal their own life by themselves.

I put my heart into that training for several months and discovered how unresolved traumatic events in early childhood could block the reconnection with oneself by the emotional response which keep us in experiences built on reactions instead of taking actions for better. We have a version of ourself that loves us unconditionnaly. To get to listen to this version, it is necessary to release all negative emotions, limited beliefs, false interpretations and so on... For that I chose to add to my practice of EFT, Access Bars and Face Lift with Access Consciousness and NLP around the power of imagery.


In other words, opening to loving myself unconditionnally is still bringing me today the necessary means for my realization. I love the splendid way your thoughts can materialize what you want or what you don't want, depending on the vibration from your heart you decide to join in !


Keeping an eye on synchronicities, compassion to yourself loving all of you, laughing, being free from all fears,  is, the path to self.



Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner - Awakenings Institute, California - Phillip and Jane Mountrose. Access Consciousness practitioner Bars & Face Lift - France

Emotional Liberation Techniques are based on the teachings of Gary Craig and Wallace Wattles. 


Level 1:


General treatment of imbalances of the body’s energy system (anxiety, stress, phobia, adolescence, addiction, depression, grief).


Level 2:


Management of chronic pain and health problems related to traumatic memories and associated negative emotions. 


Level 3:


School, sports, professional performance - professional success and release of limiting beliefs.

  • The different techniques

    Together, we create the appropriate care based on the needs in the present moment. Important notice: Energetic care should not replace your medical appointments. This care is complementary and in a collaborative approach with traditional medicine (allopathic). 

  • Tariff & the session

    60 € for a session of about 1h30

  • Phobias Drawing by Ch. Barthélémy


    Anxiety, fears, phobias, depression, chronic pain, limiting beliefs, (ex: we are born to suffer, and etc…) school difficulties, teen life, bullying...

  • What is energetic healing ?

    As an emotional release technique, EFT works on the subtle energies that travel within our bodies, almost like magnetic fields. Essentially, we are traversed by micro currents.